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Composed entirely of Kiln-dried, Select grade, Red Meranti timber, Engineered Meranti Frames (EMF) are constructed  from solid laminated timber, giving it enhanced strength & superior appearance. Due to its composite construction, EMF  jambs are perfectly straight, structurally stable and durable. Aesthetically indistinguishable from solid timber, EMF is the choice material  in the production of door and window  frames.

Engineered Meranti Frames (EMF)
Hardwood Door Jambs & Componentry

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15p door c.jpg
Laminated Solid Meranti Doors &
Engineered Meranti Doors

Our unique doors have the dual characteristics of immense stability & durability, as well as superior appearance. Using superior German glue-bonding technology (EU-DIN “B4” standards), our laminated solids far outperforms all veneered doors in harsh weather conditions and prolonged climate exposure.

Using a sold timber lamella, our Engineered Doors can withstand  large stresses and scruff marks from prolonged usage - this is a huge advantage over veneered doors.

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General Moulding Items
Finger-Jointed Mouldings, Architraves, Skirtings, Cornices, Posts

Our general mouldings include :

i) Finger-Jointed material for framing and panelling items used in various construction industries.

ii) Architraves and Skirting-boards

iii) Laminated Posts

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